Hi, I’m Victoria Emanuela! I’m a certified coach, liscenced professional counselor, holistic therapist, writer, entrepreneur, yoga/meditation teacher, Healing Arts Director of Integrate Trauma-informed Network and co-founder of On Being in Your Body. My personal philosophy is simple, I’m in love with the human condition because of its main purpose, which is to learn from it. Some days I amaze myself, other days I put my keys in the refrigerator because it’s not all rainbows. Self-care and healing are two things I’m incredibly passionate about, so I dedicate my life and research to finding powerful ways for people to overcome anxiety in order to transform their relationship to their body. Society's glorification of "busy" leaves people anxious, stressed, and highly fatigued; I believe that through self-care we can learn to cope with the pressures of life and restore our well-being. Years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare disease caused by lifelong exposure to toxic stress. By becoming vulnerable and transparent about my experience, I gained over 17,000 dedicated followers on Instagram, and connected with amazing human beings to build a community around healing and resiliency. You see, I’m a survivor too, and that’s what makes my work powerful; I deeply understand what it’s like to break through the darkness. My purpose is to help you create a space for deeper fulfillment within yourself through practical, encouraging, and wholesome resources that work. If you're here to read my blog, book a session, check out workshops or tools for transformation; you've come to the right place! I’m here to make you feel less alone in whatever it is you're going through, so you don't get busy feeling feelings and overthinking your feelings because you don’t know which feelings to feel, you feel me?