Wellness: Therapy, Consulting, Corporate Health Programs

Counseling + Coaching

Victoria is a licensed counselor and certified life coach. She holds multiple certifications in various holistic healing modalities, including mindfulness, yoga massage, and therapeutic touch. In her private practice, she focuses on issues surrounding anxiety, toxic stress, and lack of self-care by bringing together different elements of specific therapies through a practical mind-body approach.  Victoria's style is customized to her client's specific needs and her expertise is in treating root causes of suffering, especially in connection to early childhood experiences. As a coach, Victoria focuses on women's empowerment and self-care, so her clients are able to balance their schedules, reach important goals, and create more fulfilling lives. Victoria creates a safe and warm environment for her clients to openly share their experiences, while being trauma-informed and dedicated to autonomy, safety, and empowerment in her work. She's down-to-earth and practical, yet honest and direct in her approach; believing that vulnerability laughter are fundamental to human connection.  

CV available upon request.

Corporate Wellness Programs


Victoria's takes her expertise and passionately implements it into corporate wellness programs. She's worked with various successful companies, including Real Estate One, Dropbox, Washtenaw Community Health Organization, Staff Only and International Group Design. Many companies, especially start-ups, experience an incredible amount of pressure resulting in toxic stress, lack of self-care, and a troublesome work-life balance. One could argue that the success of a company is in its employees, so if they're struggling with stress and mental health declines, employees won't be as apt to do their jobs effectively. Victoria's corporate wellness programs are budget friendly, highly effective, and offer companies access to mental health resources, coaching, nutrition, yoga, and meditation in their immediate location. She's here to help you create a company culture that's keen on self-care and prioritizes mental health as part of their overall growth strategy. 


Victoria is a 300hr certified yoga teacher and specializes in restorative Hatha yoga that's trauma-informed, otherwise known as safe for survivors and anyone who is particularly sensitive in public spaces. Victoria is gentle, practical, and non-judgmental in her teaching approach. She uses yoga as an incredibly powerful tool for transformation, relaxation, and deepening the connection between mind and body. Yoga is a powerful alternative tool for treating anxiety, regulating the nervous system, and reducing stress; this 2,000 year old practice is now gaining more credibility in research than ever before because of its effectiveness!


Victoria is a certified meditation teacher with over 500 hours of experience in mindfulness meditation. It might sound intimidating, but rest assured, she's very human and still manages to flip a shit every now and then too. Victoria is very passionate about dismantling the pretense of wellness culture by glorifying the beautifully messy human tendencies behind it; you know, the real stuff. She enjoys teaching meditation classes, workshops, and wellness retreats that encourage people to connect to their body and honor their growth. 

Business Consulting

Ever wanted to open up a yoga or meditation studio? Start a wellness oriented business? Have your own private practice? Victoria has been through the many trials and tribulations of what it takes to run a successful studio and private practice. She has helped many entrepreneurs create effective business strategies and specializes in social media marketing to attract clients to any business. She's built a following of nearly 20,000 people in the last couple years and has helped other brands increase their following as well. Leveraging social media and community is the root behind a thriving business!