What I do:

I’m a certified self-care coach and a licensed counselor. What does that mean? A counselor (also interchangable with therapist), I bring together different elements of specific therapies, especially alternative healing and nutrition, by examining how all aspects of your life affect your well-being as a whole. I practice a mind-body integrative approach, which is just fancy language for treating the mind and body together; think yoga, meditation, therapeutic touch, fused with talk therapy. As a self-care coach, I integrate coaching with body-based practices to create a more effective and powerful experience for my client with their self-care goals, since what's self-care without a happy body? Whether you need therapy, coaching, or strictly bodywork; I've got you covered!



Treating anxiety, toxic stress related to trauma, self-care, gut disorders + enzyme therapy, holistic nutrition,  and alternative healing modalities such as restorative yoga, meditation, breath therapy, therapeutic touch, somatic experiencing, and more.

    How I Do It:

    My style is customized to your specific needs and my expertise is in treating root causes, not just symptoms. I’m down-to-earth, gentle, yet honest and direct in my approach, which is balanced out by my quirky sense of humor because laughing is also therapeutic! I create a safe and warm environment for my clients to feel comfortable sharing openly about their experiences, so they are able to create lasting meaningful changes in their lives. I'm also trauma-informed and dedicated to your sense of autonomy, safety, and empowerment. Yeah, it’s pretty freaking cool! Our partnership will become an empowering and fertile ground for transformation, greater self-care, and kicking the butt of whatever is holding you back, so you can start feeling great.

    What's the difference?

    Coaching: a coach deals mostly with a person's present and seeks to guide them into a more desirable future. She stands with you, and helps you identify challenges, then works with you to turn challenges into victories and holds you accountable to reach your desired goals. This relationship is a co-creative, equal partnership, where the coach helps you discover your own answers.

    Counseling: a counselor deals mostly with a person's past and provides professional expertise, guidelines, and answers that give you a path to coping, healing, and personal growth.