On Being In Your Body


On Being In Your Body

A manifesto | A space for embodiment | A six week course | A feminist small press


Course Description

Write yourself and be present in your body through the use of somatic exercises, assigned reading, embodied writing, guided meditations and art making. In this six week online course, you will write a manifesto, explore self portraiture and deepen the personal practice of being in your body.

By exploring the space between the universe, mind, and your tender body; you will witness histories of your narrative come together and fall apart. It’s time to challenge all of your conditioned behavior, subvert the ways your body has been taken from you, and reclaim yourself. You have everything you need within you! We're here to help you come back, realign with your core needs, and the wisdom in your body.

Co-founded by Victoria Emanuela + Caitlin Metz



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Small Press

From letterpressed prints, zines, and workbooks; we keep building our creative inventory with more ways for you to get inspired, awakened, and in your body.