spring coaching series


Empowered Embodiment Series

The Empowered Embodiment Series is a body-based coaching series created by Victoria Emanuela that celebrates the rebirth of our bodies. The series lasts March through the end of May at a discounted rate to honor returning to yourself. Empowered Embodiment Coaching is for anyone who desires to deepen their connection to their body through powerful, effective tools and strategies that help empower you to meet your self-care needs. Together, you and I will be a team that co-creates a personalized wellness plan to create a sustainable and more authentic connection to your body. 

Read the list below my video to see if Empowered Embodiment Coaching is right for you.

I Month Session Package: Four 60 Minute Sessions | $265

Single Session: One 60 Minute Session | $75

Prices after Spring will go back to standard rates. 

Limited Spots Available | in person and long distance

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What does Empowered Embodiment Coaching entail?

  • Unpacking unhealthy mindsets and preoccupations about your body.
  • Understanding what roots, narratives, and habits play a role in your disembodiment, or lack of connection to your body.
  • Introducing healthy mindsets that promote greater awareness and appreciation towards your body that tend to your goals.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of how you respond to sensations, especially ones that cause you tension or grief.
  • Maximizing your ability to experience pleasure.
  • Reclaiming your ability to identify and feel sensations in your body in the present moment without reaching for distractions.
  • Understanding the role of your nervous system and how to rewire toxic stress responses.
  • Understanding your window of tolerance and what triggers your body to go into dysregulated states (aggression, numbness).
  • Improving your ability to sense your physical, emotional, and mental needs (and attend to them).
  • Improving your ability to self-soothe when feeling disconnected or in need of intentional decompressing.
  • Learning to process experiences and emotions through the body. 
  • Developing a greater sense of awe, compassion, and tenderness towards yourself and your body.
  • Learning and evolving your embodiment toolkit through movement practices, yoga, meditation, vagus nerve stimulation, breathwork, writing prompts, creative outlets, mind-body integration, and sensory processing. 
  • Being the badass you've always been, but even more badass. 
  • Carving out a better path that guides and empowers you come home to yourself. 


"As a survivor of domestic abuse and years of therapy, my body still felt estranged from me. I barely could recognize that thing in the mirror and I'm not one of those yogi types, so I felt limited by what I could do to feel embodied. Victoria blew all my skepticism out of the water and opened a whole world of embodiment practices that worked for me. She is incredibly knowledgable, down-to-earth, and so resourceful. I've worked with Victoria for almost two years now and some days I'll look at my body in the mirror and cry tears of relief because I have a home, and my home is me." - Sarah Flitton


"I've been around the block when it comes to health coaches while struggling with a chronic illness. I never quite found one who understood what I was going through until I met Victoria. Knowing she's overcome a chronic illness herself and is the powerhouse of a woman she is, made me feel so inspired and seen. From the start, Victoria made it very clear that all bodies are unique which made working with her very empowering, I never once felt ashamed by what my illness limited me to do. Working with her has changed my life and my relationship to my body in so many ways, I can't recommend her enough especially if you feel like your body doesn't fit the norm." - Amanda Coleman


 "It's safe to say Victoria has helped transition my body into something I never knew was possible. She listened to each and every issue in regards to my relationship with food, ranging from my binge eating to gut health. She is accessible, knowledgeable, and incredibly supportive. If you are ready to make a noticeable change, you would be doing not just yourself, but your total being a lasting favor." - Meaghan Schwigen