transformational coaching

Empowers clients to create fundamental shifts in their habitual ways of thinking, feeling and being, in order to lead to more fulfilling and successful lives. It focuses on helping clients transform the ways they engage with life in more effective and insightful ways.


I work with driven and passionate individuals who still have trouble finding a deeper sense of fulfillment, happiness, and unity in their lives; I coach both in person and virtually on Skype.


Healing from trauma is a lifelong process for many, and despite how successful or willing to take on life one may be, post traumatic stress can find ways to creep into people's lives and limit their potential. Healing and transformation are dynamic processes that occur within a person throughout many biological and emotional systems. I help my clients transform their trauma through a brain-based and embodied approach, utilizing trauma-informed interventions alongside coaching. My approaches include: meditation, mindfulness, trauma-sensitive yoga, movement therapies, Emotional Freedom Technique, and regulating the autonomic nervous system. Trauma isn't solely cerebral and increasing research shows that embodied approaches to heal its negative effects are crucial. I work with individuals who've already been in psychotherapy, are further along in their healing journey, and need more tools in their lives to combat stress. I passionately help these clients by co-creating ways to creatively transcend triggers and fear-based mindsets, while empowering them to create new insights on becoming the authority over their trauma, so it no-longer seeks control of their lives. A trauma-sensitive environment is crucial to my work because my clients deserve to feel safe and comfortable during our sessions without experiencing triggers. This means I don't touch them during any embodied exercise unless prompted, I memorize their triggers to provide "trigger warnings" during discussions, and help them find great ways to feel safe during our sessions.