it all starts with FUN

People often take life too seriously and become deeply identified with their problems; they stop prioritizing fun and finding ways to decompress. I would definitely call myself an intellectual, but I'm also a professional child at heart. I enjoy making my clients laugh and sharing unconventional experiences that build a bond. Personal growth and learning from our experiences doesn't have nearly the impact if fun isn't incorporated. I've had clients and I wear ridiculous hats to help them feel less triggered because they were too busy giggling; this inspired them open up and feel safe. I've had clients spend the first 30 minutes of their session having a dance party with me; they supplied the playlist and we danced our butts off. Why? Because that's what worked for them; that's how they felt engaged; that's what it took to feel connected to their bodies. It had nothing to do with meditation or yoga because that doesn't always work for everyone. Not to mention, they taught me how to Dougie and I could use a little more swag. Now, I'm always prepared for an impromptu dance off, and that's a check off my bucket list!

Personal Creative Engagement and owning your baggage

Getting to know yourself in order to transform yourself!

Fixed notions of ourselves and the world around us deeply impact our creativity, growth, and ability to step out of our comfort zones. Getting to the core of constrained mindsets, poor habits, and unhealthy cycles starts with getting to know yourself and the impact your choices have on a deeper level. Exploring what stories and labels we use to define ourselves, and how they directly affect our reality and engagement with the world is an incredible resource in gaining better insight into who we are. Although it's not possible to go and change the beginning of our lives, understanding that beliefs are something added onto us and stories can be rewritten, we learn that it's possible to start over and write a new ending. Getting to know yourself means exploring all the ways you limit your potential, then holding yourself accountable by challenging those limitations into creative opportunities for growth and new perspectives! Learning about yourself means taking back your power by stepping outside of a victim mentality and leaning into your discomfort. This is the stuff that deepens our intimacy and gratitude for ourselves; this is the stuff that turns chaos into our greatest gift; this the stuff that wants to be unleashed. Our selective unawareness has become so overpowering that we no longer notice the difference of how things negatively impact our bodies, minds, and daily lives. Many individuals embody repetitive self-sabotage and blame their unhappiness on everything around them. We live in a society that turns people into victims, profits off of our insecurities, and puts us in competition with ourselves and the world. But if you own your baggage, it can become your greatest superpower and transform your entire life. That's why we must OWN our baggage and instead of being ashamed or cursing our problems; lets use them as tools to help us grow and move beyond their limitations. It's the only thing we have control over, and transforming your life means letting go of what you can't control, and focusing on what you can. We sure know what doesn't work for us, so lets see what DOES!


Restoring your vision from what you don't have, to what is available right in front of you, is something I'm dedicated in helping you achieve.