An UNIQUE Embodied Approach

Transformation is a dynamic and creative process, one that involves our body just as much as our mind. Human beings are highly complex and carry unique experiences that can't simply be reduced to a set of symptoms; I never put my clients inside of a box. My sessions usually run for 90 minutes because they're designed for an embodied approach to creating fundamental shifts that actually last. Evidence has shown that a longer and dynamic session creates faster breakthroughs and better engagement. What this really means is I spend the first 30 minutes of every session easing my client into a guided meditation, breathing exercise, one-on-one yoga, or whatever they've chosen. I create a safe non-judgmental space for my clients to connect to their bodies. Individuals who are anxious, stressed, or unsure about their next step often seek coaching and therapy; connecting to their bodies helps them gain profound insights into themselves and their lives. Getting out of the mind and into the body creates trust, decreases negativity, and allows for a fresh perspective when exploring our habitual ways of being. We store memories and emotions in our bodies, especially inside muscles, and finding ways to gently release these memories and emotions makes for a more awakening experience. Once my client is connected to themselves on a wholesome level and feeling safe, relaxed and uplifted, our sessions become fluid and productive. In sessions that commonly last 60 minutes and don't apply an embodied approach, clients often experience breakthroughs toward the end of their sessions once they've become more comfortable or engaged, and have to save it for "next time."  I don't waste anyone's time or money, and if I can help empower my clients to experience breakthroughs faster: I'm on it!

Coaching the whole client

Life is an integrative process, which is why I believe that any form of healing or transformation is also an integrative process. I've found a simple, non-intimidating, FUN, and incredibly effective way to help my clients engage with themselves on multiple levels! Changing our lives only works when there's a knock-on effect on our entire being. Aside from embodied transformation, I often incorporate nutritional counseling into coaching sessions by empowering my clients to nurture their bodies, therefore creating a deeper relationship with themselves, and self-love. When coaching my clients, a holistic approach truly makes all the difference because:

You are what you choose to eat. You are what mindsets you choose to filter reality through.

You are what you allow yourself to be defined by. You are how you choose to treat yourself.

Transforming your life is about finding which core beliefs and limitations in your ways of being are negatively impacting you. It's about exploring why we make certain choices and what's behind them: what you eat, how often you exercise your body, what self-care regimes you practice, how you speak to yourself, and what you choose to be defined by; all of which equally impact you as a person. In order to create necessary shifts that truly change our lives, we must engage our whole being. I've had clients come to me feeling fatigued because an unhealthy mindset plagued them: "I'm too busy to eat, too busy to relax." If an individual doesn't challenge themselves to become more aware over the impact their mindset has in not prioritize self-care; their body begins to shut down. Happiness is also regulated on a chemical level, which means your relationship to food, for example, effects neurotransmitters in your brain like serotonin. If a client wants to transform their level of suffering, but is too busy to eat, their desire for happiness won't be achieved because they're dismissing the biological component of their suffering, malnutrition. We must open our eyes to ourselves as a whole, if we truly want to create profound change in our lives. Learning about what we need, what our body needs, and how to feel empowered about change can be an incredibly rewarding experience! I spare my clients the lectures and help empower them to find creative ways to work with their bodies, habits, and schedules. This way they can be the authority over what mindsets and tools they're using in maximizing their well-being.