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Creative Writing, CopyWriting


Victoria's passion for writing started during her undergraduate degree, when she took a creative writing class, and eventually decided to double major by adding creative writing to her academic load. Since then she has written several chapbooks, zines, and published sound poetry. Victoria gained over 18,000 followers on Instagram by using her platform as a blog to vulnerably write about her experience overcoming an autoimmune disease and PSTD. Since then, Victoria has began freelancing as a copywriter/editor and co-founded a small press company, On Being In Your Body, which offers a six week writing course and produces a series of mini publications.

CV available upon request.

In September of 2017, Victoria was awarded a grant to go on literary sabbatical to write a book. Her father, Piotr Pozyczka, a famous European boxing trainer, passed away a year before she was awarded this opportunity. Victoria's father has been the motivation for her book, The Boxer's Daughter, after the autobiography he wrote was never published. She will be going on literary sabbatical in February of 2018 to write into her father's book from her perspective. She is thrilled to release her book later next year.

In memory of her beloved father, Piotr Pozyczka.


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